Building a Rescue Kit

Ever wonder what kind of safety equipment you should carry on the river? This is my first aid and rescue kit:
Gloves and a CPR mask protect the rescuer and the patient. Use scissors to expose the patient.

Epinephrine and Benadryl are indispensable in case of allergic reaction. Keep antiinflammatory drugs for pain control.
Triangle bandages can be used to sling dislocated shoulders. Steri strips are good for minor lacerations.
Two flashlights and batteries.
Space blanket, lighters, fire starter, compass, and water purification tablets. If I could only take one item, it would be the space blanket.

Boat repair kit: tire plugs (fill cracked plastic), duct tape and zip ties. I also keep a little screwdriver stuck in my center wall.

Extra clothing.
Old cell phone. Any cell phone will call 911 whether it has service or not.

Breakdown paddle.
Pin kit including prussic, pulley and extra carabiners.
This stuff is heavy. I always curse it on long hikes. I have never needed to use the majority of it, but I know if I ever do, I will be eternally grateful that I carry it. The best rescue gear in the world is utterly useless without the knowledge required to use it. Every kayaker should have first aid, CPR and some type of whitewater rescue training.