The Hasty Harness made simple

Now kiddies, when you're in the canyon somewhere and you made it through the big scary triple drop, but you reeeally want to portage the one that ends with the riverwide stomper, but you get cliffed out before you can get back down to river level... the 'hasty harness' is your ticket to freedom. The fellas over at ITS tactical made this short little video demonstrating two different methods of tying a hasty harness. I like the first method because the webbing can also be used to create an anchor for mechanical advantage rope systems.

I use 1" tubular webbing in my rescue kit. It's light, really strong, and cheap. Most climbing or outdoor adventure stores carry webbing. Your local paddlesports shop is sure to have webbing and all your other river rescue supplies. 15-20 feet is a good length to have. An old fashioned tape measure is a great tool to estimate the ideal length for you before you purchase. It's an easy thing to practice. Paddle safe.

Hasty Harness video