Hey All,
Brad here. I have never blogged before and am not really sure where to start.

First things first, I am off to Asia tomorrow to film with the Arris crew (Arden Oksanen and Trask McFarland) and Matt Rusher for Nike ACG. We will be filming my Sweetspot (check out NIKEACG.COM). I am pretty pumped. For my trip, I chose the Mekong River. We are headed to film some rapids in the 4,000 Islands section. For those of you "old school" boaters our there, we ran a lot of a first descents there back in 2000 with an all star crew. I have always wanted to go back and jumped on the opportunity when Nike ACG gave me a budget and said "go!"

I will be back around the end of the month and have more updates then. In the meantime, paddle fun.


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Anonymous said...

WORD..BRAD! Keep us posted on your trip!