Billy Harris-"WRSI Safest guy on the River " February finalist!

Jennifer Arnold from Milton Ontario is our Februarey finalist for the WRSI "U Saved my Ass Contest". Here is her story.

"I nominate Billy Harris for a rescue at Fowlersville Falls during the 2007 Moose Festival. Four rafters went into the hydraulic in the middle of the river, with one being recirced endlessly. Billy paddled in, then threw an accurate throw bag, saving the swimmer. He was pulled upside down during the rescue but still managed to swim the guy the rest of the way out. Skilled, modest and classy..."

Billy Harris is my nomination for the WRSI Safest guy on the River contest!

We also had this worthy entry from Ed Sawtell, from Bozeman Montana.

Here is his Story:

Big T, MT. Beautiful sunny day in July. Personal 1st Descent (Pinch,Gambler,L.Falls) Bottom of shakedown, I got worked, swam and pinned on bottom of the rapid. Jason Schutz scrambles out of his boat plunges paddle in water and pulls my ass out. (he weighs 160, I 200 + pinned).

I nomiate Jason Schutz as the WRSI safest guy on the River.

Keep sending in your entries and you could be our next winner.

Kim Ward-Robberts

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Anonymous said...

I was in the raft that was about to run the falls when this happened. Not only did Mr. Harris show outstanding rescue skills, but his altruism. Billy Harris was not even with our group, most, if not all of us did not even know who he was. But nonetheless he stepped up out of the dozens of boaters that were in the same position as he was. His actions are a credit to the paddling community. Thank you Mr. Harris.
-Dan Cash